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>Take advantage of the Strategic Business Plan Workbook to help you set an overall framework for strategic goal-setting and implementation.


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> Follow our Lessons Learned From the Trenches blog series featuring true stories shared by contractors. This week's entry: "Surviving the Perfect Storm".

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U.S. Construction Industry Trends


> Industry sources are reporting a continued upward trend in construction spending from the prior year in most sectors. Looking at February 2014 year to date,  commercial construction is up 8.9%, heavy construction is up 6.1%, and new residential and non-residential are up by 18.9% and 5.7%, respectively. Overall, construction unemployment has dropped to 11.3% from 14.7% in March a year ago.  (source: Reed Construction Data)

> In a recent forecast issued by Associated General Contractors, it was estimated that total construction spending will increase by as much as 6 - 10% per year between 2014 and 2017. 


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> How will you position your construction company to benefit from positive (and perhaps sustainable!) trends in the construction industry? Start a discussion on Idea Exchange.


Book for Aspiring and Established Construction Business Owners

Download a digital copy of Building a Successful Construction Company: Create a Strategy / Organize Your Business / Protect Your Bottom Line  2013) a step-by-step guide to starting and growing a profitable construction business. Read more about the book in CBOnline Blog and go to Book Store to purchase.  A new print edition is forthcoming this Spring and will be announced here.


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Are you an aspiring construction business entrepreneur? In today’s challenging market and economic environment, your leadership, construction business management and construction project delivery skills are tested every day as you work hard to start and build a construction company and achieve financial success in a tough industry.

Construction Business Online is designed specifically with you in mind as a go-to site for information and tips on starting, operating and growing a construction business. Following the CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS GROWTH CYCLE, Construction Business Online focuses on the five key drivers of construction business success, providing vital and timely content to help you make important strategic and day-to-day business decisions in the office and out in the field. 

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Construction Business Online (CBOnline) is a construction industry web site and search destination dedicated to offering essential business management resources, tips and tools to aspiring, start-up and established construction business owners and managers. CBOnline seeks to provide easy access to vital and timely content to help business owners and managers make important strategic and day-to-day business decisions in the office and out in the field.

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CBOnline  is a product of VantagePoint Strategy Group, a management advisory firm providing strategic, business advisory and project delivery expertise and support primarily to decision-makers involved in the business and/or process of construction. Clients include construction companies and property owners and developers. 

Tricia Atallah is founder of VantagePoint and creator of CBOnline. She has over twenty years of entrepreneurial, management, financial and consulting experience with recognized expertise in the construction industry and is author of the book,  Building a Successful Construction Company: Create a Strategy/ Organize Your Business/ Protect Your Bottom Line . Ms. Atallah was a regular blog contributor to Mc-Graw Hill’s  and an article contributor to “Contractor Advantage”, a Canadian publication. She has been a longtime member of various construction industry associations and has served on the Construction Management Advisory Board of the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate.

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  1. Assess opportunities and risks
  2. Think strategically
  3. Create a realistic marketing plan
  4. Build an organization that delivers
  5. Develop a strong and versatile team
  6. Optimize company efficiency
  7. Deliver what you promised
  8. Minimize exposure to liability
  9. Maximize profits and building a strong equity base
  10. Keep your competitive edge

Download the CBOnline TEN ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS for more details.